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Training Facilities and Trainers

fpa offers high quality training to support people's sexual health and rights. Their varied programme of courses offers professionals the opportunity to discuss issues, learn new information, practice skills and explore values and attitudes in a safe environment. Courses are all designed to support the professional development of anyone working in a sexual health setting, including those working with young people and disabled people. FPA also offer University level accreditation on some of their courses. You can ask for specific training which is not yet available

Brook Brook combine their experience of working with young people with excellence in training practice to deliver a range of high-quality and affordable training courses for all professionals working with young people, including made-to-measure bespoke training: 020 7284 6051 or You can also contact your nearest Brook Centre about training local courses

Scottish Sensory Centre runs a course Batteries not Included on issues in sex education and sexuality for people with multiple disabilities.

Centre for HIV and Sexual Health run a wide range of courses and seminars ranging from equality and diversity to helping young people survive transition (from primary to secondary or child to adolescent) with their self-esteem intact

University of Greenwich provides sexual health training, some of which is CPD. They are also developing new one-day courses for GPs and other non-specialist professionals in sexual health

British Association for Sexual Health and HIV deliver tailored education and training to health care professionals, trainers and trainees in the UK

Institute of Psychosexual Medicine provides education and training in psychosexual medicine for health professionals

Susan Quilliam authoress of the New Joy of Sex and co-writer of this website. Susan is a coach, trainer and consultant as well as writer, with a wide range of expertise. She runs courses and workshops such as "Lack of Desire" for Relate counsellors and interactive workshops on "Online Dating and Relating". For details of current courses or to commission a bespoke course or individual coaching, email

Pink Therapy train professionals and paraprofessionals around gender and sexuality issues, including BDSM, asexuality and psychosexual therapy. They can also supply bespoke training consultancy to groups and organisations around gender and sexual diversity. Look at the training section of their website

Relationships, Sex & Disability Project
Warrington Disability Partnership, supported by NHS Warrington, offer a workshop for ALL health, social care & educational support professionals. The main aims of the day are:

I-said Michelle Donald and Sue Lennon offer training on sex and working with disabled and ill people: anything from a one hour lecture on sexual awareness to a two day interactive workshop or a longer course of 6 sessions. Their aim is to ensure that including sex and sexuality in assessment and care planning is standard. Through training, confidence and creativity is engendered in order to facilitate help for patients and clients. The enabling professionals to explore their own comfort when talking about sex with clients, suggest various approaches through games and role play and examine prejudices is as important as understanding sexuality in health and appreciating the impact of illness or disability. Their work also considers the impact of illness and injury upon the sexual partner and the impact of a caring role on the sexual relationship. They offer to support organisations on the growing concern around legislation and the ethico-legal issues pertaining to protocol writing. Sue Ronaldson is an oncology nurse 07943 710 753 and Michelle Donald spinal injured 07775 927 533 both trained with Relate.

Headway run a training course called Sex and Sexuality after Brain Injury

— offer training and consultancy to professionals working with deaf-blind adults. They also train deaf-blind men and women in sex and relationships skills. 101 Pentonville Road, London, N1 9LG.0845 127 0060 Textphone: 0845 127 0062

People First
— an advocacy group of and for people with learning difficulties, providing nation-wide training for professionals and groups to improve their communication skills and work practices. Train groups on self advocacy, sexuality, disability equality and more. Unit 3.46 Canterbury Court, Kennington Park Business Centre, 1-3 Brixton Road, London SW9 6DE. 020 7820 6655,,

— Respond’s training is drawn from many years experience of providing psychotherapy to people with learning disabilities who have experienced trauma. Training courses are delivered by their psychotherapists who are also skilled trainers and many of whom have published in their own field of expertise.  Courses can also be tailor-made to your organisation’s needs. 020 7874 5481

disabilty relationships, sexuality — conducts training workshops and seminars in Perth, Australia,  to address the needs of people with disability, their staff, carers, family, health and human service professionals

Simon Parritt training and talks to various and diverse groups from PhD and diploma students at University on psychology, disability and counselling courses to social services, staff training in care homes etc., as well as disability and sexuality presentations at conferences

Zoe Cousins Her sexuality training based around current policies in place for any organisation or group within the local authority or third sector provision. Zoe is responsive to the needs of the participants so, if it is for staff within learning difficulties services, this can include issues ranging from supporting people to form friendships, to all aspects of sexual expression and the relevant underpinning legislation. Puppets, art and drama may be offered in order to facilitate the most fun and accessible styles of learning. Training is also available for staff with managerial responsibilities. All training includes aspects of safeguarding, person-centred choices and advocacy. 01379 851959 / 07813035763

Sue Newsome Sue specialises in providing education and support in the area of sexuality and relationships. She teaches tantra with Shakti Tantra and has trained as a psychosexual therapist Porterbrook Clinic, Sheffield. She now combines all her expertise to help disabled people meet their sexual needs. She runs groups and works with individuals and couples to help them maximise their sexual pleasure and overcome any difficulties resulting from physical or emotional impairment. As a sexual educator, Sue offers practical advice and training in the following areas: female sexual pleasure, male sexual pleasure, masturbation, ways to enhance your sex life as a couple, the theory and practice of sensual touch. She also provides Sexual Awareness Training for professionals who require advice about how to broach the subject of sex with their patients and clients.

Touching Base runs Service Provider Awareness Training workshops in Australia. They are aimed at sex workers and carers, allowing them to explore the issues carers may face when assisting people with disability to access sex workers. Training is held at Family Planning NSW.

WHO (2001). Counselling Skills Training in Adolescent Sexuality and Reproductive Health — a facilitor's guide

Sexological competence of different rehabilitation disciplines and effects of a discipline-specific sexological training Post MWM 2008 Gianotten WL, Heijnen L, Hille Ris Lambers EJ, Willems M.. Sex Disabil. 2008;26:3-14

Training for Mental Health Professionals Resources developed for busy mental health professionals, as an easy-to-use guide to key aspects of sexual and reproductive health in the context of mental illness, with clear sign-posting for those of you who want to take this subject further.