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Side 1 (PDF)

Side 2 (PDF)

This hand-out contains basic frame-setting and resources for clients. Staff can:

• give the hand-out to clients who say they don’t want to discuss their sex lives so that they at least have a referral point.

• give the hand-out to clients whom would like to engage in discussions, but who would benefit from studying the leaflet first.

• produce the hand-out during a consultation to discuss with clients, particularly when you wish to refer on to further resources.

• leave the hand-out in the waiting room for clients to pick up.


This is how to produce the hand-out.

1) Print side 1, turn page and feed back into the printer. Then print side 2.

2) Fill in on sides 1 and 2 the details of resources local to you. (preferably getting to know your local therapists etc first).

3) Photocopy both sides again — as many copies as you need.

4) Fold each copy both ways to make them half the size (A6).

6) Give copies to every member of your team, with guidance, as above, on how the hand-out can be used.